Who else wants to discover moral-boosting, confidence-building children’s stories that nourish the soul and motivate

inspirational kids stories“At Last! A Collection Of
Children’s Bedtime Stories
That Nurture, Inspire And
Educate Our Young.”

Forget about the TV and throw out those so-called ‘educational stories’ with their hidden agendas. Introducing “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” … A GIANT collection of wholesome Children’s Stories that warm your heart!

My Daughter Just Loves These Stories!

“The very first night I downloaded Inspirational Kids’ Stories I printed it out and my daughter and I had the time of our lives. She especially loves the story Magic Mom and also Treasures in the Attic. It used to take me ages to find the right kind of uplifting stories to share with my children. Now I’ve got 32 of them to choose from. Thanks Doctor Daryl … armed with these stories I’m confident my children are being exposed to the right kind of messages…”

Pete Godfrey, Mackay Queensland, Australia


From Dr Daryl Grant mother of two
Brisbane, Australia

Dear Parent,

If you’re shocked at what passes for children’s entertainment these days, concerned about the ever increasing amounts of violence on TV, and you want to play an active role in educating and nurturing your child, then this may be the most important letter you’ve read all year.

Here’s why…

I’ve just released a new e-book called “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” and it’s chock-full of inspiring, wholesome stories that will delight your children. Brimming with 32 individual stories , “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” gives you a whole smorgasbord of uplifting tales to choose from.

And what’s even better, these stories teach your children the values and respect we ourselves learned as children … values that seem to be lost in this new millennium.

And what’s more, these stories don’t “preach” to your kids.


They enlighten your child through an entertaining story … so that children “get” the message … they get to discover the meaning and wisdom behind the story all by themselves!

Once your children get to hear these stories they’ll be begging for more!

But I’m getting ahead here. Maybe I should first introduce myself, and let you in on how this new book came about…

My name is Dr Daryl Grant and I’m a parent just like you. And like you, I’m very concerned about what my children are exposed to on TV and in the books they read. But until I became a parent, I didn’t realise just how much rubbish was out there.

Rubbish that was labelled as children’s entertainment. (I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider teaching your child bad manners as quality entertainment.)

Rubbish that could easily corrupt my children’s values.

Rubbish that has seeped into every facet of modern day life.

And it’s everywhere. In the books they read at school, on TV, in the playground, and when they get older it’s all over the Internet.

And to tell you the truth, I was shocked and amazed at how far things had slipped since I was a child.

Gee when I was a child we were easy-going … carefree, but respectful. The world was a simpler place. We had values, morals, honesty and above all, respect for our parents.

Oh my, how things have changed.

So I realised early on that I had to take a stand and make sure my children were exposed to uplifting, encouraging information. I vowed to my husband that our kids were going to grow up with values, manners, and a deep understanding of how to treat others.

So my search began.

WARNING: Some Stories Are Not What They Seem!

Trouble was, I had to wade through a lot of trash to find the treasure. You see, I uncovered a lot of children’s stories (these days they seem to be everywhere).

But what concerned me the most were the hidden messages behind most of the stories. It seemed to me the authors were pushing their own agendas … and their values were NOT the wholesome, moral-boosting values I wanted instilled into my children.

So my search kept on hitting a brick wall … always ending in a dead-end.

I was getting frustrated, annoyed at the trash out there and annoyed at my own inability to find the right kind of stories for my children.

But as luck would have it, fate stepped in and saved the day!

A Chance Meeting With An Elderly, Retired Children’s Author That Started A Wonderful Journey!

I can’t tell you her real name (We’ll call her Dorothy … you see, she’s happily retired and glad to remain anonymous.) , but I can tell you she has had the most remarkable affect on me and my children.

But let’s back up a bit to the day I met her.

I was at my hairdresser getting my hair done for a rare night out with my husband. I was complaining about the lack of good, wholesome children’s stories on the market. My hairdresser Jo was sympathetic. As a mother herself she had faced the same problem.

“You should write your own stories dear,” said a soft voice on my left.

I turned and saw a most remarkable elderly lady. Sitting ram-rod straight, a slight smile on her face, her eyes alive, taking everything in, sat Dorothy. Straight away I knew I was in the presence of somebody special . Little did I realise then just how “special” that was going to be.

Our friendship blossomed. She’s such a remarkable lady. I began going to her place in the mornings and discovered she was a children’s author. I kept on asking her to keep writing … she kept on insisting she had retired.

But finally, after months of pestering, she agreed to write me a collection of Children’s Stories (on the strict instructions she was to remain anonymous).

But not just any old stories!

We wanted to create something special. To teach our young kids the life skills they will need to succeed. We wanted to instil values, respect and self-worth … honesty, trustworthiness and compassion. And to teach them through entertaining stories so that they would be eager to learn more.

And in my humble opinion, I know we succeeded.

The effects on my children from being exposed to these stories were immediately noticeable. I realised then that if these stories were so powerful on my own children, they would have the same affect on other kids. And it seemed selfish to me to keep them all to ourselves.

And that’s why I’m offering this collection of stories to you today. So you too can experience the warmth and humour of these uplifting tales with your own children.

Here’s just a sample of the tales inside
“Inspirational Kids’ Stories”

STORY #1: The Gossip Gremlin… (Gossip) Stimulating story about the harmful affects of gossiping told in Dorothy’s amusing style. See what happens as the gossiping gets worse, culminating in a gripping climax that’ll have your children on the edge of their seats. (Page 1)

STORY #5: The Squirrel Named Picasso … (Trust Authorities) This uplifting story reveals how a child can always rely on authority figures when in trouble. (See for yourself on page 24)

STORY #7: Pete Cleans Up… (Hygiene) Chuckle along as all the farm animals get together and help little Pete The Pig clean himself up for the big party. Inspires teamwork, cooperation, and the desire to be your best through good personal hygiene. Poor old Pete wasn’t allowed to the party because he was dirty. See how everyone pitches in and makes Pete the cleanest little piglet you would ever see! (Page 37)

STORY #11: Magic Mom… (Love Your Parents) A loving climax to this story and a special tender one for parents. (Page 63)

STORY #16: Beautiful Diana… (Creativity, Hold On To Your Childhood) Ah, they grow up so fast don’t they? In this tale a brother and sister discover how “just being yourself” and not trying to be like everyone else, is a true gift worth holding onto. Discover how these two siblings realise they are just fine, just the way they are. (Page 94)

STORY #22: MG And The Pigs… (Don’t Talk To Strangers) Never talk to strangers. It’s what we tell our kids. But how much more effective it is when told through a moving tale. Instead of telling, this story shows, and your children will immediately understand the message. Instead of scaring our children, this story instils confidence … that they don’t have to be scared of strangers, they’ve just got to be wary … and that talking to strangers is wrong and can lead to big trouble. (Page 135)

And look, that’s just 6 examples of the uplifting tales contained in“Inspirational Kids’ Stories” … there are still 26 more to go!

Respectful, Well-Balanced Kids!

That’s what these stories will do.

As a parent, I know firsthand how important the first few years of a child’s life can be. What they are exposed to at this tender age has a dramatic affect on who they will become .

It’s important as parents that we seize this moment.

With our hectic lifestyles, it’s essential that we can spend some quality time with our kids. And what better way to do it than by sharing the gift of these inspiring stories?

Just think, just a few minutes each night and you’ll know you have given your children the best possible start. Not only are they getting quality, one-on-one time with you, they’re also being exposed to the values that will shape their character and build self-esteem for the rest of their lives!

What we give our children NOW will ultimately shape their future.

Here’s The Complete List Of Tales Contained In
“Inspirational Kids’ Stories”

Name of the story



The Gossip Gremlin



Granddad’s Dog Rex

Be Yourself


It Isn’t Easy Being Marcus

Things are not always what they seem to be


Fagan the Dragon



The Squirrel Named Picasso

Trust Authorities


Lancelot’s Belt

A good turn is returned with gratitude


Pete Cleans Up



The Boy Who Was Suddenly There

The dangers of the internet


The Littlest Wizard



The Wizard of Baseball

Being popular versus true friendship


Magic Mom

Love your parents


Robin Hood and the Pirate



The Great Gods



Tranquillity Lake



Treasures in the Attic

Theft, saving


Beautiful Diana

Creativity, hold on to your childhood


Otis the Ogre



The Pretty and the Smart One



The Wise Monkey

Don’t do drugs


Trevor Comes Up



Baby Penguins

Help the poor


MG and the Pigs

Don’t talk to strangers


My Cat Thinks She is God

Dreams and Ambitions in life


The Answer at the End of Time



The Black Walnut

Magic in everyday life


Twiggy Piggy

Beauty is on the inside



Don’t be a phoney



Stealing is wrong


Little Elephants

Kindness to animals


Space Ships

Respect other cultures


The Perfect Place



The Weather Man

Protect the environment



“Inspirational Kids’ Stories”
Belongs In The Home Of Every Caring Family

As you can see, “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” contains messages guaranteed to nurture and inspire your children. From being kind to animals , to don’t talk to strangers , and loving your parents … “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” takes your child by the hand and leads him or her safely through many of life’s challenges.

And what’s really exciting is you can be reading this e-book in minutes. It comes in a convenient PDF file that downloads straight to your computer. (Works on PCs and Macs too!) So within minutes you can be sitting down with your children and discovering the many wonderful life lessons on offer.

  • So forget about hunting around bookshops trying to find wholesome stories for you children…

  • Forget about the TV and just turn off the violence on show…

  • And forget worrying about your children’s future…

Forget about all that.

Because for just $19, you can get your very own copy of “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” and be on your way to building a lasting, loving relationship with your children that will last a lifetime.

And it’s so easy. Simply click the link below and get taken to our secure ordering page. Just follow the directions and within minutes you can be taking advantage of these uplifting stories.

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Gee, you could spend more than that just on one story at your local bookshop.

I fully believe your children will love these stories and probably love you even more for getting them. In fact, I’m guaranteeing it.

Yep, I guarantee that you and your children will love “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” or you get every cent of your money back. You be the judge.


So look, I can’t be any fairer than that. If you don’t like it just let me know and you get a full refund … PLUS you get to keep the e-book as well.

If you’re used to buying books for your children, you’ll know that just one good kids’ story-book can cost $10 or more. But I’m not greedy, and I’m not in this for the money.

I really want you as a parent to experience the connection with your children that these stories can create. To feel the true joy that these stories bring to your children’s lives. So that’s why I’m offering you the whole set of 32 books for just $19. And just think, at $10 a story that works out to be over $300 worth of stories for just $19!

But don’t wait too long.

The special price of just $19 is for a limited time. I’m new to this selling game and a bit “wet-behind-the-ears.” But I’ve been told I’m just plain crazy to let this e-book go for just $19.

So when and if I come to my senses I’ll be raising the price, probably to $27.00 … maybe even to $37.00. I sure know its worth that much. So the price could rise anytime. Avoid disappointment. Lock in the low Special Introductory Price now!

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Just imagine, within minutes you can gather your child or children in your arms and begin a wonderful journey together. Your child will discover compassion, love, honesty. A whole swag of values will be instilled just by listening while you read.

And the most exciting thing is they want to learn . They want to hear a new story. And when you’re finished one, they’ll be begging for another.

These stories stimulate your child’s mind, spurring questions, arousing their curiosity … propelling them forward armed with values that’ll last a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Surely $19 isn’t too much to invest in your child’s future well-being?

Do your children a favour. Give them the best start you can. Download “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” right now and begin your journey.

Warm Regards,





P.S. Please remember your investment is fully guaranteed and if you’re not 100% thrilled with your purchase you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.


So download “Inspirational Kids’ Stories” right now and print it out. Take your time and go through every single story. Notice the change in your children as they begin to learn and understand true core values. See the anticipation on their faces as you sit down and begin a story. Go through the whole book for 30 days and see for yourself the life-changing tales contained within its pages.

And if, after 60 days you are not completely satisfied, you get every cent of your investment back. Plus, you can keep the book as well. I can’t be any fairer than that can I? Grab your copy now.

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